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Production of high quality alpha cellulose

Production of various grades of alpha cellulose from cotton linters that have many applications in downstream industries such as cmc, nc, pac, mcc and

The health industry includes factories producing paper napkins and pulp and diapers.

It should be noted that all types of alpha cellulose products can be changed and supplied according to customer demand and in any tonnage.

Communication with the university

Another service that Linterpack has been providing for the past few years has been a close relationship with the university

As it has used academic sciences in various fields and in return has tried all the facilities of the factory for the excellence of sciences related to the product

Available to university residents.

Provide production consulting

Another service of Linterpack Company is providing advice on the production of products related to alpha cellulose and cotton linters.

This advice is available in all fields, including production, technical, laboratory, etc., which can be provided by experienced staff.

Providing a variety of laboratory services

One of the most important services provided by Linterpack factory in recent years is performing various tests related to the cellulose industry.

Types of tests such as calculation (percentage of purity of alpha-cellulose), (calculation of dp), (ash content) and .... exclusively in advanced laboratory

Linterpack company is done.

Manufacture of downstream industrial devices

Linterpack Company in order to remove the obstacles in the way of some downstream factories that had problems in using cotton derivatives

Provide data and sometimes attempt to build the device or change the way existing devices work to remove barriers to production.

This is done by experienced technical and academic staff.

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